Cardio Vascular Care

Cardiovascular Services

The field of cardiovascular medicine has been rapidly progressing, creating sub-specialties to keep pace with new medical advancements. Orion Medical has a range of doctors and testing capabilities under one roof. Our cardiovascular specialists ensure that each patient receives comprehensive and personalized care.

As an outpatient health system, we can perform several services and tests in our offices. For the services we are unable to perform in our offices, we provide coverage to most hospitals in SouthEast Houston, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer board-certified services in:

Treatment, Management, And Prevention Of Diseases Related To The Heart And Blood Vessels.

This Subspecialty Focuses On The Treatment And Management Of Heart Conditions Using A Catheter-Based Approach.

Our Endovascular Specialists Focus On The Treatment Of Diseased Blood Vessels.

Nuclear Cardiology Is A Staple In The Diagnosis, Treatment, And Management Of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

A Form Of Testing That Visualizes The Heart’s Movement To Detect A Variety Of Heart Conditions.

Testing That Can Detect Vascular Diseases That May Be Impacting Blood Flow In The Arteries And Veins.

Patients with severe angina who are not considered to be candidates for angioplasty or bypass surgery may benefit from external counter pulsation (ECP). Some patients with congestive heart failure also have had good results with the treatment.